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Benzon Lorenzana is Crossing Borders to Revolutionize Wheat Breeding in Canada

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Benon Lorenzana’s journey from a small village in the Philippines to leading breeding teams in North America is not just inspiring but crucial for the future of farming. A seasoned plant breeder with a rich background in genetics and agriculture, he sat down with Seed World Canada Editor Marc Zienkiewicz to delve into his experiences and shed light on the cutting-edge technologies driving crop improvement at Limagrain Field Seeds, where he serves as head of cereals and pulses research for North America.

His journey led him through the corridors of academia, studying biology and genetics in the Philippines before venturing into the realm of applied plant sciences at the University of Minnesota. It was there that he honed his skills in plant breeding and molecular genetics, laying the foundation for a remarkable career.

“After graduate school,” Benzon recounts, “I delved into corn breeding in the U.S., exploring various roles from research specialist to leading breeding technologies teams.” His tenure in corn breeding spanned years, a period marked by a pursuit of enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability through genetic innovation.

However, his quest for broader horizons and a deeper impact led him to Limagrain Field Seeds, where he currently spearheads wheat breeding programs across North America. His expertise in quantitative genetics and cutting-edge breeding technologies positions him at the forefront of revolutionizing crop improvement.

Innovations in breeding methodologies have enabled Limagrain to accelerate the development of superior varieties. Lorenzana elaborates on their approach, emphasizing the utilization of predictive breeding techniques and controlled environments to expedite the breeding process. “By leveraging genomic selection and maximizing controlled environment facilities, we’ve compressed the breeding timeline, bringing new varieties to market faster than ever before.”

Looking ahead, he envisions a bright future for Limagrain’s products in Canada. “Our pipeline is robust, bolstered by elite germplasm from around the globe and refined breeding objectives. We’re committed to delivering wheat varieties that not only elevate yield but also exhibit resilience and adaptability, ensuring a sustainable future for agriculture.”

Read the article originally posted on Seed World by Marc Zienkiewicz.