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Our Team

Our teams collaborate to bring passion and innovation to the breeding landscape in Western Canada.
Read more about us below.

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Research & Development Team

Benzon Lorenzana

Head of Cereals & Pulses Research North America

Benzon leads LCS’s Cereals and Pulses breeding programs in North America. He has a Master’s and Ph.D. in Applied Plant Sciences, specializing in plant breeding and molecular genetics from the University of Minnesota.  He has 14 years of research management and leadership experience.

His expertise and vision drive innovation in plant sciences, helping LCS develop excellent varieties that meet farmers’ needs.

Andy Chen

Wheat Breeder

Andy is the wheat breeder of LCRC. He did his M.Sc. in wheat breeding with the late Prof. Alireza Navabi at the University of Guelph where he established a high-throughput phenotyping pipeline for winter wheat. He was then awarded a four-year scholarship to study at the John Innes Centre with Prof. Cristobal Uauy where he ran one of the first transgene-free gene-edited wheat field trial in Europe.

He aims to leverage the genomic expertise of Limagrain to deliver superior spring wheat cultivars for Western Canada and the Northern Plains.

Jaenet ter Schure

Pulse Breeder

Born in the Netherlands, Jaenet attended the Wageningen University & Research. She obtained her degree in Molecular Plant Breeding. She then interned with Limagrain working on pea genetics uncovering multiple markers. She transitioned into the role of Molecular Breeder for pulses and after two years moved to Canada where she’s now bringing her European expertise to the pulse market in Western Canada.

In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing and cooking.

Tim Van Steenbergen

Research Station Manager

Timothy leads the Research Station operations for variety testing in Western Canada and the Northern Plains of the US. He graduated from the University of Guelph with a B.SC in Honours Agriculture.

Before joining LCRC, he grew up on a farm in Southwestern Ontario and was managing a broiler breeder poultry farm in Saskatchewan.

Anteneh Feyissa


Anteneh is a plant pathology technician at LCRC, who specializes in the evaluation of early-generation materials and registration trials to enhance disease resistance.

With a Ph.D. in plant sciences and multiple years experience in researching encompassing germplasm screening, pathogenic diversity analysis, and the identification of disease resistance-associated QTLs, Anteneh brings a wealth of knowledge to his role.

Shaoming Huang

Assistant Breeder

Shaoming joined LCRC as an assistant breeder in May of 2023. Prior to this, he completed an 8-month post-doc as well as earning a PhD focused on enhancing abiotic stress tolerance in Canadian field pea crops at the University of Saskatchewan.

In his leisure time, Shaoming enjoys playing basketball and DIY home projects.

Field Operations

Lauren Janzen

Field Technician

Lauren boasts over 5 years of experience at LCRC, where she serves as a field technician. Her responsibilities include everything from spearheading seeding and harvest operations to site maintenance and comprehensive data collection.

Raised on a farm in Rosthern, SK, with both parents working as veterinarians, Lauren has roots in farming and an affection for the prairies and animals. During her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities, such as camping and fishing with her family and friends.

Adam Campbell

Field Technician

Hailing from a Scottish family farming background, Adam ventured to Canada, where he dedicated 13 years to farming in Alberta.

Eventually, he relocated to Saskatoon, delving into the realm of seed research companies. He’s found joining the LCRC to be a rewarding experience, and especially enjoys collaborating with his motivated colleagues.

Shayla Grant

Field Technician

Originally from Fox Valley, SK, Shayla moved to Saskatoon to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree at University of Saskatchewan. As a Field Technician, her responsibilities encompass organizing seed lab activities, collecting PBR data, and overseeing all plot-related tasks, including seeding, spraying, and harvesting.

Outside of work, Shayla loves reading and spending time with her husband and two dogs.

Rachel Jarrett

Field Technician

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Rachel has been a valuable member of LCRC since 2021. Holding the position of a field technician, she and her team oversee the seeding and cultivation of field plots, ensuring their maintenance throughout the growing season.

Before joining LCRC, Rachel gained valuable experience in another breeding program in the city, igniting her passion for agriculture. In her spare time, she enjoys sports, crocheting, and nurturing her house plants.

LeNora Boyle

Office Administration

With a diploma in Office Administration, LeNora boasts over 25 years of experience in office environments. Prior to her current position, she worked as a Farm Hand where she cared for and handled cows, operated and maintained farm equipment and assisted with seeding and harvest preparations. This agricultural background has made LeNora a great fit for the LCRC team.

Greenhouse Operations

Mallory Dyck

Greenhouse Specialist

Mallory Dyck grew up in Saskatoon where she attended the University of Saskatchewan and has a B.Sc. in Renewable Resource Management. She worked in the Plant Science Department at the University of Saskatchewan for five years with the Cereal and Flax Pathology group as a Research Technician and furthered her career at a cannabis production facility.

At LCRC she is a member of the Early-Gen team and works mainly at the greenhouse on breeding projects such as crossing and genotyping.

Jill LeClaire

Breeding Technician

Jill assists with the Early-Gen breeding team including wheat and pulse programs in the greenhouse. She has a Bachelor degree of Agriculture Science majoring in Horticulture from the University of Saskatchewan.

She worked for the University of Saskatchewan Pulse Pathology program for four years, and with AgraCity Crop Nutrition in the research department for 2 years as a research technician before joining LCRC.

Cally Lam

Breeding Technician

Cally specializes in Early-Gen materials within the LCRC greenhouse. After gaining a degree in biochemistry and with previous experience in drug and DNA testing laboratories, she made the decision to venture into the field of breeding research.

Cally enjoys working alongside her dedicated colleagues at LCRC and remains committed to leaving a positive impact through her work.

Shelby Valen

Breeding Technician

Shelby attended the University of Saskatchewan and has a B.SC. degree in Animal Bioscience.

At LCRC, Shelby is a member of our Early-Gen team and works at the greenhouse on breeding projects.

Business Team

Tatiana Henry

Chief Executive Officer

Besides being the CEO of LCRC, Tatiana is also the COO of Limagrain Cereals Seed. She has been working with Limagrain for 15 years. Before moving to America, she was the Area Manager for HM.CLAUSE, a leader in vegetable seeds. From there, she worked as the CEO of Field Seeds in the Ukraine and Russia, where she established subsidiaries in these two fast-growing markets. Tatiana holds both a business and master’s degree.

Lorena Pahl

Commercial Product Development Manager

Lorena is a seasoned professional with 25+ years in the seed industry. Here at Limagrain, she manages commercial activities for pulse crops in Canada and the US. She’s deeply passionate about agriculture and actively supports farmers while also breeding and showing paint and quarter horses.