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About the Program

In partnership with CANTERRA SEEDS, the LCRC cereal breeding program was established at the launch of LCRC with a goal of developing superior cereal varieties to meet the needs of CANTERRA SEEDS’ farmer customers. Partnering with CANTERRA SEEDS has created a channel for LCRC to release their new varieties to an established customer base.

Breeding Process

At LCRC, our goal is to deliver superior cultivars that can meet the needs of farmers in Western Canada and the Northern Plains in an accelerated timeline. Our greenhouse facilities and expertise in genomic technology allow us to progress through multiple breeding-generations per year.

Our products and materials are tested across our extensive field trial network in Western Canada and the Northern Plains to ensure we deliver great genetics that meet farmers’ most important needs. During these field trials, we evaluate materials for agronomic performance such as yield, standability, maturity and lodging resistance. New varieties are evaluated by our in-house pathologist for resistance level against disease and pests such as fusarium head blightrusts, wheat stem sawfly and bacterial leaf streak. Our dedicated end-use quality lab in Fort Collins, Colorado then performs comprehensive quality testing to ensure our grain meets the high baking and milling standard of Canadian wheat.

Our goal at LCRC, is to access cutting-edge technologies and a vast library of genomes to expedite the breeding process and provide farmers with the best seed options for their fields.

Program Partners

The Limagrain Cereals Research Canada cereals breeding program was established in 2015, alongside the launch of LCRC by two like-minded seed companies.

LG Logo

As the fourth largest seed company worldwide, Limagrain’s mission is to move agriculture forward to meet global food related challenges.

Limagrain is a cooperative group founded and managed by French farmers. Its parent company, CoopĂ©rative Limagrain, brings together 2,000 farmers located in the centre of France, in the Limagne-Val d’Allier plain. The Group creates, produces and distributes field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Limagrain is present in 55 countries and has 10,000 employees. It makes sales of 2.5 billion Euros with recognized brands on their markets: LG, Vilmorin, Clause, Hazera, Harris Moran, Jacquet, Brossard.


CANTERRA SEEDS is deeply rooted in the Canadian Prairies and offers one of the broadest field seed portfolios in Western Canada. 

Owned by western Canadian seed growers and agricultural retailers, Limagrain, Ceres Global Ag and private investors, CANTERRA SEEDS is committed to sourcing genetically superior seed products that deliver agronomic and economic benefits for producers, while also meeting end-user needs. With a versatile portfolio of cereals, pulses and oilseeds, CANTERRA SEEDS seeks opportunities that allow for mutual success in the agriculture industry.

Commercialized Varieties

  • CS Accelerate

    High yielding Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) Wheat

    Superior in class grain yield (5% higher yield than AAC Penhold)

    Short, strong straw, well suited for high inputs and irrigation (-10 cm of AAC Foray)

    Excellent all-around rust resistance (R to stem, leaf and stripe rust)

  • CS Daybreak

    High yielding Canada Western Red Spring Wheat.

    Class leading grain yield with excellent yield/protein balance

    Outstanding rust resistance package (R to stem rust, MR to leaf and stripe rust)

    Mid-maturity, similar to AAC Brandon