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About LCRC

Limagrain Cereals Research Canada (LCRC) works to continually improve the seed options available for growers and considers the challenges that farmers face. LCRC utilizes an accelerated breeding program, innovative techniques and diverse germplasm to bring new seed varieties to market.

Limagrain Cereals Research Canada (LCRC) is a rapidly growing Canadian company, passionate about using its plant breeding expertise to support the Canadian grains industry. LCRC originated as a cereals-focused partnership between Limagrain and CANTERRA SEEDS, and has extended their breeding partnerships to include pulse breeding with Limagrain Cereal Seeds and Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG).

With a direct connection to Limagrain, the fourth-largest seed company globally, LCRC is equipped with top-tier technologies and globally sourced germplasm to continually introduce groundbreaking seed varieties to the Western Canadian market. Limagrain is a farmer‐owned cooperative and is one of the most extensively integrated agricultural companies in Europe. Apart from their access to Limagrain, LCRC has established a network of external partnerships with disease nurseries that play a crucial role in their initiatives. They also utilize their network of disease testing centers across North America to ensure new varieties provide solutions to the diseases that farmers are most concerned with.

Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, LCRC works alongside their partners to bring together global germplasm, technology, plant breeding and market knowledge to deliver value to Western Canadian farmers and their customers. As LCRC strives to develop new seed varieties, they continue to seek out new industry partners to work alongside in developing innovative varietal solutions that best meet the farmer’s needs.

“We are proud to bring our cereal & pulse breeding expertise to Saskatoon – a hub for cereal & pulse development in Canada – and work collaboratively to breed advanced wheat & pulse genetics for farmers in Western Canada”

– CECILE RICHARD, HEAD of AMERICAS, Limagrain Field Seeds


About Our Team

Our dynamic team brings passion and expertise to the breeding landscape in Western Canada.